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Feliu and Carvajal partner with the Inter-American Development Bank in organizing the Corporate Governance Conference as part of the 2019 Sustainability Week, in Panamá, June 27th and 28th

Neus Feliu & Gustavo Carvajal sessions include The Role, Composition, Structure and Functioning of the Board of Directors, A Holistic View of Risk in Family Business, The Board of Directors and its Role in Risk Management, Leadership Succession: Leadership in Family Business and important aspects to consider for an effective leadership succession, and Practical exercises in: Succession and Continuity and Practical aspects in Boards of Directors. 

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Rose Guarino
Jaramillo to give talk on what is beyond the policies that regulate family-business relations, in an FBN event to be held hold in Bogotá city on June 11th

When business families embark on the development of agreements and policies to regulate family-business relations, they pay special attention to the content: Everything must be perfectly detailed and described according to the developmental stage of the family and the company. However, the success of these policies also depends on other factors that, although intangible, are equally important. This conference aims to go beyond the tangible content, and address other critical aspects, which in many cases account for the success or failure of the policies.

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Hollanders to present at FBN JEFF Congress in Beirut

Hollanders will be part of the Belgian delegation at the FBN JEFF Congress in Beirut, Lebanon on November 22-23, 2018. The event will bring together representatives from family businesses based in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Lebanon, and will explore the challenges encountered by family businesses expanding internationally.

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